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    We provide the following features to make your event a huge success!

    • You can create registration tickets and set up overbooking limit for each category of tickets or set overbooking limit for the whole event.
    • You can create sales tickets to your event directly from our tools and set up overbooking limit on the seats of the event.
    • You can send e-tickets with barcodes to your customers in PDF format without any fuss.
    • You can easily set up overbooking and maximum attendance rules.
    • You can organise your event venue into unlimited categories, each with its own number of seats, pricing and description.
    • You have the flexibility to allow visitors to buy more than one ticket at any one time. Our tools support common payment methods such as Paypal or Wire Transfer.
    • You can create repetitive events ranging from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This feature is flexible so you can even specify the time frame or period for the repeated events.
    • You can pinpoint your event location by using our event map without having any embed coding knowledge. Our user-friendly tools help you to do that in minutes!
    • Visitors who use the event location tool can easily get directions from their address to the event venue with a click of a button.
    • Your events can rank higher in the 3 major search engines, namely Yahoo, Google and Bing.
    • Your visitors can invite their friends or family members to your event with our tools.
    • Your visitors can share your events through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.
    • You can track your visitors and access all information related to your event subscription.

    Your event WILL proceed smoothly with our support!

    • You will receive your event guide upon sign up to familiarise yourself with the tools that you can use. Alternatively, you can click on our Event Guide menu to download the event guide PDF file.
    • You can also get more information from our FAQ page
    • Contact us online for any enquiries not found in our FAQ page.

    We provide event support to all your visitors to ensure they have a pleasant and enjoyable visit!

    • We provide an event map to all your visitors, directing them to your event venue. Routes will include self-drive, public transport and even walking via Google Maps
    • We offer overseas visitors cheap flights and accommodation though our platform tools as a one-stop website for all their travelling needs.
    • We send notification and reminder emails to all your visitors when your event date draws near
    • Event organiser can offer gift/discount vouchers to their visitors through our platform
    • We provide a end-user guide for all visitors and ensure our platform is user-friendly for them to easily share your events.
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